NCU’s First Poetry Slam

What Kind Of Voice Do You Have?

What kind of voice do you have?

Is it cheap and easy?

Does it bemoan the trials and tribulation

Of a world constructed by our foreign nation

Wholly incomplete and sovereign,

Solely in command of your doctrine?

And if it were rebuked, would you back down?

Or would it just get louder, so much louder

Until worlds tremble and quake,

Until hearts melt and break and spill over?

Is your voice tired?

Do you confuse your blessed empathy with forsaken apathy?

And does the thought of feeling, of caring make your knees buckle,

Or does it do nothing at all?

You see, we are from the future.

We are preordained to believe our voices can speak

But not just speak, they can move.

Us and them and you and me and everything in between.

She and he and we and thee and God, the Spirit and the Son.

Everyone will hear your voice, but first you have to make this choice.

What kind of voice will you have?

Will it be neat and tidy, or will it overflow

With a love this world has not even begun to know

Words have incredible power. Words can bring tears to your eyes, and increase your heart beat, and inspire action, and create.

My name is Sam, I am nearing the end of my third year here at NCU, and I am an artist. I love making music and words and other things, and I love to see other people do the same and succeed. For this reason, I see no plausible way that I could avoid leading the charge for the first annual NCU Poetry Slam. In just two school days after I announced the event in chapel, thirteen people have signed up to participate! Gosh, I am just so excited for this little bit of culture our small school is bringing into existence and putting forth! God is good, all the time.

The event will be on Tuesday the 15th at 7pm in the library.

Now, please humor me as I tell a little bit about what art means to me. I believe, and maybe this is just a part of this big fantasy world that I live in, that NCU and the church at large will be saved by art; the dreamers and misfits and outcasts and idealists will rise up and shake the foundations and break down the faulty structures the Church stands on today and redefine our mission and purpose as Christ-lovers/disciples.

The world will be saved by our ridiculous obsession with Beauty.

When we are able to see the Beauty in God’s creation, in each other, in ourselves, in our story, the long awaited triumph of true justice and mercy, intertwined and held in tension, will begin to unfold. The sick will be healed, the hungry will be fed, the depressed will be comforted, the Godhead will be glorified, and the Kingdom of our Lord will reign forever and ever. But hey, I’m an idealist and an artist, of course I believe that stuff.

Now don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not talking about the end-times (that is a conversation I know nothing about), but I AM echoing the sentiments of the words a good friend of mine said to me a few weeks ago: “When Jesus is with you, you will see the light in everyone.” Every human has dignity, whether we are talking about the “imago dei” (image of God) or just the natural disposition and right of every person to need love and compassion. In our early, developmental stages of life, serious damage can be done to the human mind when a child does not receive intimate and tender care from their parents or guardians. God designed us with this need for love on purpose, and I personally cannot think of any way to better express the mystery of such love except through the means of art.

So my friends: live blessed, live loved and create Beauty. Write poetry, paint a picture, sing a song, doodle! Your creativity, in whatever form it may take, is a precious offering to God.

Blessing All Around,

Sam Koekkoek

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  1. Kent Willocks says:

    Speak brother! Say it all again!

  2. 21 signed up as of Thursday!

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