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Think back to your first on-campus experience as a student at NCU. For many of us, this was the whirlwind of events that is Orientation. I have been a part of Orientation three times, once as a freshman and twice as a member of O-Staff, and I hope to start my senior year in the same way. The end of August probably seems like it’s too far away to be thinking about yet, but now is the time to apply if you want to be part of Orientation. In case you’re on the fence about it and can’t decide if you want to come back to school early in order to work really hard, are ten reasons why you should.

  • You get to come back to school early, which gives you an extra week to settle in and catch up with friends before classes actually start.
  • You get to work really hard as part of a tightly knit team, which, in my experience, is one of the best ways to build friendships.
  • You get to go on the rafting trip again.
  • You get to meet all of the new students early and start building those friendships.
  • You get to “Experience Eugene,” which means you get free dessert at one of our local shops.
  • You get another chance to win a “Fish Group Champs” shirt.
  • You get free Starbucks on move-in day.
  • You get to experience Orientation again without being so nervous and overwhelmed, which means you actually have a chance to remember what happens.
  • You get dance lessons.
  • And you get to be the first impression of NCU for all of the new students.

Have I convinced you yet? Great! Contact Sarah Halstead ( for an application. Applications are due April 17th.

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