The Great Debate

Billions of years of ago, nothing exploded. That nothingness slowly formed to become planets and star systems. On one certain planet, primordial ooze developed, and out of that ooze crawled life. Millions of years later that ooze has evolved to yours truly, who is currently is typing away at his computer desk.

An unknown number of years ago, some argue that it is as short as 6,000 years, God created the heavens and the earth. In only took Him seven days, and in that time He created everything we have today. Man and Woman were created in the image of God, and instructed to be good stewards over the earth. God, not random chance, was the deciding factor in human life.


And there we have it–the great debate between Evolution and Creationism about the essence of man. This back and forth has been going on for years, started the day Darwin published his Origin of Species (although it probably started before, as Darwin wasn’t the first to promote evolution). That’s not to say there aren’t a great number of other beginnings stories out there that fight for the limelight. Yet in America there has been this focused chasm between the theories of evolution and the ideas of creationism. The two versions I showed you above are extremely simplified, as there is a wide array of ideas and thoughts about both evolution and creationism. There are Christians who believe the seven days in the Bible were the millions of years evolutionists speak of, and creationists who do not believe in the Christian version of God. Yet the fact still remains, there is a heated argument in this country over the origin of humankind.


So what should we do about this “Great Debate”? Well I’m not going to try to win the debate one way or another in this article, as that would be long and futile. What I would like to do is to encourage all of us to think for ourselves. Too often I feel that people let the news headlines and social media memes do the thinking for them. The idea being ‘why should I take to the time to form my own opinion when I can post a catchy meme of a grumpy cat that will say it for me?’ While these may sound profound, I can assure you they are usually frivolous in nature, and do nothing to enhance the discussion. Most of the time this kind of debating leads to pointless arguing and name-calling.

So what should you do instead? Talk to people you trust, on both sides of the issue, and get their input. Then do your own research, and form your own opinions about the nature of man (and woman). On Tuesday the Creation Museum hosted a debate between Bill Nye “the science guy” and Ken Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum. You can watch the replay here, and use this as a starting point for your own research. There are plenty of resources out there; you just need to spend the time looking for them.

Now I know most of you aren’t going to rush off and spend the time acquiring all this new information. We are in college, ain’t nobody got time for that! But I would ask that if you truly are curious about this dispute then get informed and think for yourself. Also please don’t argue your beliefs on a social media site, that only invites the haters to come out and hate. If you want to talk to someone about the issue, have a face-to-face conversation. I can guarantee you that the discussion will be a more civil and pleasant affair. Above all, respect those with different beliefs than your own, and never look down on someone simply for having a different opinion.

“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect”

– 1 Peter 3:15 ESV

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