2014: Ready or Not

Well it is 2014

How did this happen? It seems like only yesterday 2013 just started, despite predictions that 2012 was the end of the world. But now we are in 2014. Two years later the world still hasn’t ended. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

So it’s a new year, bdownload (1)ut what does that mean? For some of us it includes New Year’s resolutions, which I am personally not a fan of. These ‘resolutions’ usually involve trivial goals such as losing weight or, my personal favorite, “Living like each day is my last!!!!!!” . Who honestly could possibly live like that? Who would work at their job on their last day alive, or do any of the other thousands of mind-numbing tasks and chores that are required for what is considered an ‘average life’. If we throw aside all our duties today, we will have a terrible tomorrow.

So yes, I’m not personally a fan of New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I believe they set us up for failure more than success. Few people ever actually achieve their resolutions, especially if their goal requires a significant change to their lifestyle.

One of the main reasons for this failure is that people set goals, which is good, but they don’t create a clear plan on how to achieve those goals. My business planning classes have taught me that you need both a goal and an action path of how to accomplish that objective if you are to succeed. So if you are setting a New Year’s resolution, such as getting in shape, try to write down at least five steps on what you plan to actually do to get in shape. Examples of this could be:

  1. Join a local gym (create a list of gyms in the area)
  2. Workout five days a week (try to pick the days and times as well)
  3. Get a personal trainer (decide what type of trainer, nice or intense, you would prefer)
  4. Reduce fast food intake to once a week (think of ways to avoid fast food places near you)
  5. Eat more fruits and vegetables (create a meal plan)

So I guess what I’m say is that if you set New Year’s resolutions, do it with an action plan. Don’t just say what you are going to do, but how you plan on actually accomplishing it. Have clear goals, and set apart time in the day to stick to those goals. I believe this is the best way to achieve you New Year’s resolutions, and for your sake I hope you succeed.

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