Welcome Home

Welcome home, Beacons! The Bolt staff hopes that you all had a blessed Christmas break. We are very excited for the new term and the adventures that it will bring. Things are back in full swing for the Bolt staff and virtual pages are flying off the digital press. We have some cool plans for the new term, but to make them a reality we need your help.

As much as we love to write, the Beacon Bolt is a student publication, and that means that you, the students, are its true writers. Our hope is that you will express your thoughts in the written word by publishing your articles on the Bolt. Not only will you see your words on the blog, but each guest writers will also be compensated for their contribution! If you have an article for the Bolt or just have an idea for something you’d like to read about contact our editors Kevin Shunk (kshunk@nwcu.edu), Rebekah Rossberg (rrossberg@nwcu.edu), or Brandon McGinnis (bmcginnis@nwcu.edu).

Even if writing isn’t for you, you can always make a meme for the NCU Memebase or participate in the new and improved Photo Challenge. There are plenty of ways to get involved.

You should also be keeping an eye out for Beacon Bolt events on campus. In the weeks and months to come we’ll be giving students opportunities to engage with the Bolt in a more personal ways.

It’s going to be a great term. May God bless whatever you do, whether academic, athletic, or personal, and may He bring you evermore into His presence and into the community of the Body of Christ.

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