Light the Night

Have any plans for tonight? No? Good, because if you did and they were anything but the Beacon Night, you would be missing out on a very unique and wonderful opportunity. Light the Night is a service-oriented Beacon Night for outreach to the homeless in our community. And I mean that literally. We will be outside. So dress warmly, wear walking shoes, and gather in the Chapel at 9. Upon arrival, you will be given a glow stick in one of five colors. The color you receive will assign you to your group and destination. The possibilities are:

  • Whoville, led by Jolene Rogers and Nathan Sutherland
  • The Washington-Jefferson Bridge, led by Ashley Kinney and Juliet Mullen
  • The Downtown Pavilion, led by Tianna Bushman and Alegra Aviña
  • Alton Baker Park river walk, led by Nick Peloquin and Samara Eilert
  • The City Walk (the Pavilion to City Hall), led by Remi White and Shelby Lundquist-Adams

Once we have all joined our groups, there will be a time of worship, followed by words of encouragement and instruction by Charlie and Carolina Bufford. These two friends of Jolene’s travel the country, serving wherever God leads. After they share, we will embark on our mission, bearing hot chocolate, hand warmers, and gloves to be distributed. Afterward, we will regroup in the Chapel for a time of reflection.

This Beacon Night will be a challenge. You might see things you’ve never seen before, especially if haven’t done homeless outreach. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk to any of the team leaders or Sarah Halstead. You have a chance to be part of something great tonight. Don’t miss it.

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