Remember the Memes

meme-imageSometimes random things happen. Like the demolition next door knocks out our internet for half a day. Or an article about Fromm gets international attention. Or that one time when someone, somewhere picked the Beacon Man to be our mascot. Seriously, am I the only one who finds that odd? Anyway, when random stuff happens, we have three choices: ignore it, worry about it because it probably means the universe is out to get us, or make a meme about it for the NCU membase (there might be a few other options, but I’m ignoring those right now). The choice I’m advocating is, of course, the third one.

See, if you look at the top of this very page, you’ll notice a link that says “NCU Memebase.” You should click on it. Or here. Now, I know some of you are still here, thinking “Yeah, I’ve seen those already.” Or maybe “Most of those memes aren’t even about NCU.” Well, I have good news for you: that problem is easy to fix. All you have to do is make a meme. Need ideas? Make one about how the school would collapse if Troy ever forgot to say “Grace and peace” at the end of Chapel. Make one about how difficult Doyle classes are. Or, you know, the Beacon Man, because that’s always funny. To recap: find something random and funny. Make a meme about it. Submit it to the NCU memebase. Repeat.

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