Make Time for Dessert

Am I the only one that’s been craving cupcakes this week? It seems every time I turn around, there’s a poster featuring a totally tasty-looking treat. When I consider this proliferation of posters, I can’t imagine that any of you have not heard of “Get Your Bake On.” But maybe some of you aren’t quite sure what it is, so I’m here to tell you: Get Your Bake On is an all-out baking battle between students, faculty, and staff.

It works like this: anyone and everyone brings baked goods to the Banquet Room at 8 pm on Tuesday, November 5th. If you can’t bring a dessert, you still come to the Banquet Room at 8, because this is a contest and contests need judges. Everybody votes on the best tasting and most beautiful desserts and then we all hang out and eat sweets.

At the first-ever Get Your Bake On last year, Sarah Freeman’s chocolate cake won Most Beautiful and Doyle’s pumpkin pie cookies got Best Tasting. This brings the score to Faculty: 1, Staff: 1, and Students: 0. Which means now is the time for us students to step up to the challenge and make something delicious. So go forth, and Get Your Bake On!

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