Viking Braggot’s Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Competition A highlight and Report

Eugene is a hub of culture and opportunity; it is a city that prides itself on being inclusive to everyone. Well, now the fine folks at the University of Oregon’s Standup Society are hosting a comedy competition that is open to all students in the area (including us here at Northwest Christian University!). Here’s a blurb that was sent to me from one of the coordinators;

“We’re excited to announce the Viking Braggot Quackin’ Me up Comedy Competition, brought to you by All Comedy 1450, The UO Stand-up Society, and the UO Cultural Forum. The shows will be at Studio 44 (44 E 7th Downtown) on Wednesday Nights at 8:00pm (doors at 7pm). Free tickets will be available at sponsored ticket locations, while supplies last. After they are out, they will have $2 off coupons. Entrance will be $5 at the door. 10% of all door proceeds will go to the UO Standup Society. Admission will, of course, be free for competitors on nights they are performing.

As far as performing goes, you’ll perform a maximum of 3 times, once for qualifying (October 23rd or 30th), once for semi-finals (November 6th or 13th), and once for finals (November 20th). For the qualifying round you’ll have 3 minutes, for semi-finals you’ll have up to 6 minutes, and for the finals you’ll have up to 10 minutes.

We expect the prize breakout to be something like this, however we have just announced that it will instead be $2,500 in cash and prizes (so the amounts will be higher for each place)…. Over $1,000 in cash and prizes will be split between the finalists. $500 + First Place, $250 + Second Place, $150 + 3rd place, $100 + 4th place”

That’s right Beacon’s, you can potentially win $500 by just telling some jokes and making a few people laugh. You can always just swing by and enjoy some of the local talent for a mere $5. If you are interested in competing you should e-mail and sign up for the 23rd or the 30th (right now there are more spaces open for the 23rd).

I will be trying my hand at stand-up again and I would love to see my NCU community make an appearance, but I do know how busy we all are these days. I will also be documenting my experience and that of the others, so expect regular posts. The venue is open to all ages but be cautious because there isn’t a restriction on what kind of material can be used.

Here’s hoping things go well, I got a funny feeling about this.

By Edward Fryrear

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