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I feel like I say this a lot, but it’s true: there are plenty of fun ways to be involved and keep busy here at NCU. One of the best ways to get hang out with people who share your interests is to join a club. So here it is, straight from ASNCU’s Controller, Bethany Craig: the eight clubs on campus this fall semester.

  • The Bipartisan Political Activist Club will be hosting discussions regarding various current events. They wish to inform students about current political issues while providing a safe environment to debate such issues. Their meeting time is still to be announced; for more information contact Will Jones at
  • Blue Crew will be hosting tailgaters, face painting at games, and, of course, be cheering on NCU athletes at sporting events. They wish to create an energetic, student fan section at sporting events to encourage NCU athletes. They will be meeting on Thursdays at 8:00 pm in the BG Lounge or at Kardia; for more information contact Jessy Denewith at or like Blue Crew’s Face Book page.
  • The Business and Accounting Club will have various events, like seminars, that will help prepare Business and Accounting students for after graduation. They wish to bring Business and Accounting students together to sharpen each other’s gifts and prepare for the professional world together. They will be meeting Thursdays at 12 pm in P103; for more information contact Sharie Krouse at
  • The Cultural Club will be hosting events like movie nights and dance lessons. They wish to give the opportunity to experience other cultures and promote diversity and acceptance in our community. They will be meeting at these scheduled events; for more information contact Allison Duvenez at
  • Eta Theta Xi, the History Makers, promotes the understanding of history through field trips, ACE day participation, and other special events. They wish to advocate for the study of history and promote history discussions. They will be meeting at their special events; for more information contact Taylor Lind at or like the NCU’s History Makers page on Face Book.
  • Hui Ho’omana Hula, the Hula worship team, will be giving Hula lessons and occasionally dance in chapel. They wish to share the Hawaiian cultural dance of hula to give praise and worship to our Lord, Jesus Christ. They will be meeting Mondays and Wednesday at 3:00 pm in the MEC Activity Room; for more information contact Ciara Wainwright at
  • Halo Grunts will be playing halo and hosting halo tournaments. They wish to encourage a halo league by hosting halo nights on campus. They will be meeting on Mondays at 8:00 pm in L204; for more information contact Eric Fromm at
  • The Psychology Club will be hosting movie nights and having discussion groups. They wish to enhance student’s understanding and appreciation of psychology through social and educational extracurricular activities. They will be meeting Mondays at 12 pm in the cafeteria; for more information contact Rebekah Rossberg at

If you read this list and noticed a club you wish was here but isn’t, consider starting one. ASNCU will be having club declarations again at the beginning of spring semester.

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