A Night of Madness

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Last night, we all had a chance to watch our sports teams showcase their talents for things that aren’t sports. Women’s Soccer took the traditional route, starting the evening off with balloons and a dance to High School Musical’s “We’re All in this Together.” Men’s Soccer demonstrated why the Harlem Shake should be a YouTube video and not a live performance, but despite a rough start it was a very funny act. Women’s Basketball, from now on to be referred to as the Beacon Bellas, appeared in hot pink for their version of the final number from Pitch Perfect. Mindy Smith, in particular, wowed the judges with her crazy dance moves. Men’s Basketball took advantage of the fact that they were on the court and staged a game: youngsters vs. old guys. The final score? Old guys won 5-2 with only one broken hip.

Softball set themselves apart from the rest with the lovely voice of Jordan Bennett singing “Come on Over” by Christina Aguilera. Volleyball, after their hilarious and winning performance last year, went for a more inspirational feel. Their video made NCU look so good that if we hadn’t all been students already, I’m sure most of us would have signed up. The Golf team also took the video approach. Theirs was funny enough to watch twice, although that might have been because it didn’t quite work the first time. And Cross Country’s David Carrasco portrayal of Bruno Mars in “Treasure” led the team to its third Beacon Madness victory in four years. Women’s Soccer and Basketball tied for second place, and we all got free t-shirts!

Beacon Madness was brought to you by Student Programs. If you missed this event and now wish you hadn’t, don’t worry; they have more fun planned in the near future. Homecoming Week (September 30-October 4) will include a bonfire/marshmallow roast at Camp Harlow on Monday and an ice cream social Beacon Night. You definitely do not want to miss them.

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