A Few Happy Thoughts

Happy-Face-300x200There are two types of people who work on the Bolt: those who write deep, thought-provoking posts…and then there’s me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thought-provoking things, but I’m better at writing happy posts that probably won’t start arguments. So today I’m going to tell you about a few things that are awesome at NCU right now:

  • Our volleyball team is winning. Taylor Richardson calls this “the year we’ve been waiting for.” Their hard work paid off in a big way last Saturday when they beat SOU for the first time in the history of NCU volleyball. Chelsea McGowan, who was also named CCC Red Lion Defensive Player of the Week, describes the team as having “great chemistry” and says they are looking forward to an amazing year.
  • The men’s cross-country team is off to a strong start. They ran one of their best races ever last Friday at the Viking Classic in Portland. Alek Angeli credits their success to the way they “work together not only as teammates but as brothers through workouts and races.”
  • On the more academic side of things, we are experiencing some great growth. This semester marks our highest enrollment ever, as well as the addition of a major. NCU is currently in the process of launching the new Criminal Justice program.
  • As for great things happening in the future, be looking forward to the upcoming Beacons vs. Ducks basketball game, and keep an eye on the volleyball and cross-country teams because, as I mentioned, they are already having great seasons.

I guess what I’m trying to say is congratulations; you are part of an awesome school. Enjoy it!

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