ASNCU’s Big Plans

Just before the fall term got underway, ASNCU had their annual retreat where they brainstormed and planned this year’s events and projects. The ASNCU executive cabinet has some exciting ideas for the 2013-14 academic year. Below you will find a summary of what they told me they are hoping to accomplish.

ASNCU President Eric Fromm: I have a lot of hopes for NCU this year. I have been walking around campus a lot this week and I’m noticing everything that has changed since my freshman year. We have new signs, better couches, better Internet, and a bigger music program. We also have a new bio lab, new study rooms in the dorm halls, new weight room hours, and so much more. I am very excited to help NCU continue to grow in all areas. My executive cabinet is ready to work hard and be very involved in bringing new ideas to NCU. I am hoping that we can finalize the plans for a student prayer garden and have that project completed by the end of this year. I also want to focus on making ASNCU a bigger part of NCU than it has been in the past. We are planning on meeting with the student governments of other Universities to talk about how each one operates. It will be a great year and we will be keeping it very active. You can contact me at

ASNCU Vice President of Academics Maddie Seevers:  The academics committee will be continuing many of the events that students readily attended last year. One of these events will be the study hall sessions in the Banquet Room, which will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month starting on September 10th. The donuts and Discussion meetings will also be continuing this year. For those that don’t know already, the Donuts and Discussion meetings give students the opportunity to ask some of NCU’s administrators questions about the school. The official date for the Donuts and Discussion will be October 15th and we are pairing with the environment committee on that event this year. We will also have Midterm Madness, which will take place on October 18th. If you would like any more information on these events, contact me at

ASNCU Vice President of Environment Alyssa Dorr: The environment committee will be hosting both a day and night walk-through on campus when students will be able to identify what aspects of our school could be improved.  Our daytime walk-through will be Thursday, September 12th.  Our nighttime walk-through will be Monday, September 16th. Both walk-throughs will be meeting at the Pomajevich Faculty Building.  We will be walking throughout campus looking for things that need improvement in order to figure out our main goals for this school year.  We encourage anyone who wants to join to take part in these walk throughs.  Also, any ideas for campus improvement would be greatly appreciated and students can e-mail me at One of the projects that should be in progress soon is the remodel of the study rooms in the dorms.  The academics committee will make that project possible, but it is something to look for on campus. We should be getting a prayer garden near the quad, which will be a great addition as well.  At this point, I am not sure what our main focus will be for Environment this school year, but these walkthroughs will help us narrow down the options.  During spring semester, the environment committee will be putting on a “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” Beacon Night.

ASNCU Vice President of Activities Addy Hoskins:  The Activities department will be putting on some big events this year. The first one is coming up pretty quickly! On September 13th we will have a scavenger hunt and movie night in the quad. Get a group of friends, bring a camera, and win prizes for your group! There will also be free popcorn and a movie in the quad right after! The next event we will be putting on is on October 1st. Students will have the chance to make a free T-shirt that they can wear during spirit week. We also will be putting on two major dances this year, The Halloween Dance and Spring Formal. The Halloween Dance will take place on November 1st and the date of the Spring Formal is to be announced. If you would like any more information about these events, contact me at

ASNCU Controller Bethany Craig: I’m very excited for this year’s student clubs. If you’re interested in starting a club, you’ll need to fill out an Application of Recognition and a Club Mission Statement form; these are both found in Student Life. These forms will explain what your club is and why it is being started, as well as some logistical details like where it will meet. Each club needs six members, besides the president, and a faculty or staff advisor in order to apply. The club president and the faculty or staff advisor will need to craft a budget plan for the school year. The club budget, Application for Recognition, and the Mission Statement form will all need to be presented to ASNCU at the Declaration meeting in order to be recognized as a club and funded by ASNCU. The Club Declaration meeting will be Monday, September 9th at 7:00 pm in the Pomajevich Faculty Building. Within a week after this meeting, you will know if your club is approved or not. If your club is approved, you’ll need to attend a club training meeting and present your club at the Club Info. Fair. If you’re just interested in participating in a club, there are some clubs continuing from last year such as: History Makers Club, Culture Club, Business and Accounting Club, and Psychology Club. A list of past clubs can be found on NCU’s website under Student Life, ASNCU, and then Clubs. The best way to join a club will be to attend the Club Info. Fair on September 25th in the Banquet hall at noon. If you are considering starting or participating in a club, I strongly encourage you to do it. Clubs are a fun way to get involved and meet more people, and they look good on a resume. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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