Spotlight: Rebekah Rossberg

Hi, my name is Rebekah Rossberg and I’m an Assistant Editor for the Beacon Bolt. I was born here in Eugene, raised in Veneta (a little town just west of here), and went to high school in Springfield. Maybe I’m biased, but I consider the Willamette Valley to be the most beautiful place on Earth and I am so much of a native that I actually prefer rain over sun. I’m a junior majoring in psychology.  I must admit I’m not entirely sure what I want to do after I graduate.  My ideas range from novelist to chicken rancher to interior decorator. I’m studying psychology because I know it can be applied to virtually everything, and also because I find it fascinating. As a member of the Beacon Bolt staff, I want to help increase communication throughout the entire student body. I believe good communication is the key to strong relationships and it is necessary for the strengthening of the NCU community. My hope is that the Bolt will provide a fun and friendly way for students to discuss ideas and have their voices heard. Contact me at

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