Spotlight: Brandon McGinnis

My name is Brandon McGinnis and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon Bolt. I was born and raised here in the rain-soaked paradise of Eugene, Oregon and I love almost everything about this hippy-dippy town. As for my academic life here at NCU, I’m a senior majoring in Bible and Theology. After I graduate I plan on attending seminary in order to join the priesthood of the Episcopal Church. Theology and philosophy are my bread and butter. The truth be told, most of my time is spent reading and writing about the big questions that come from these topics. If you’re interested, you can catch a glimpse of my thought life on my personal blog The Rookie Theologian. I became part of the Beacon Bolt team not only because I enjoy writing, but also because I feel that such a student publication has the potential to change the NCU community for the better.  My hope is that the Beacon Bolt will become the primary platform that students use to express their thoughts and that through the power of the written word we can become a stronger Christ-centered community. Contact me at

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