Spotlight: Kevin Shunk

DSC_3778-Edit-EditHello! My name is Kevin Shunk and I am an Assistant Editor to the Beacon Bolt. I have lived in Eugene my whole life, and I love this city for its lush green beauty. I feel that Eugene is big enough to have everything you want to do, while still keeping that small town feel. I have just finished my Bachelors in Marketing, and I am going to start my MBA in the fall. I plan on going to work for a large corporation, such as Nike or Apple, and I want to feel that I am working for something I believe in. I am a supporter of World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, and I am considering using my marketing talents to help a non-profit in the future. I have a variety of hobbies that I enjoy such as: photography, acting, and anything related to technology. What I hope to accomplish through the Beacon Bolt is to create a fun and interesting environment where NCU students can express their thoughts and ideas. I hope to publish some articles that will challenge our student body to think deeper about their faith, and really consider what it means to be a Christian in today’s hectic world. Contact me at

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