Students Show off their Preaching Chops

By Mark Hamilton

Student Preachers Round 1 006Last Friday’s chapel featured two very special guest speakers: our very own Brandon McGinnis and Kelsay Gardiepy. Both students did their best and gave us in the audience a fine chapel experience. Brandon spoke about the importance of keeping the focus on God instead of on externals (such as music, liturgy, ceremony, etc.), while Kelsay gave a stirring message on how God’s plans and your own plans don’t always match up the way you expected them to.

Watching from the audience I could tell that they were both nervous and excited to be giving a message in front of a packed-out chapel audience. By the time Brandon began to speak the chapel had filled to capacity and more were Student Preachers Round 1 024standing along the back wall. Was this because of the appeal of hearing fellow students speak, or because it was a Preview Day? Probably a combination of both. In any case, it took real courage and moxy to speak on serious subjects in front of such a large crowd of their peers, and I for one would like to congratulate them for doing such a good job.

This Friday’s chapel will also feature student speakers: Isaac O’Casey and Karlie Solinger. Make sure you come to hear them and give them some encouragement.

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