Mr. Beacon Brings Big Success


By: Taylor Richardson

I walked into my first ever Mr. Beacon last Friday not really knowing what to expect. The following names were the nine contestants participating:
Michael Gonzales
Jordan Miller
Cody Gardner
Eric Fromm
Will Jones
Alek Angeli
Hunter Tyler
Remi White
Edward Fryrear
I was completely blown away by the thought and time (not to mention the courage) that was put in by the guys competing and everyone else who put it together. The show opened with a choreographed dance and surprisingly most of the guys had rhythm and even a couple were seen throwin’ in their own hip swings and style into the dance *cough cough* Remi White and Jordan Miller. After the opening, each individual got to display a video introduction while wearing the Mr. Beacon mustache and a live talent of their choice. Cody, Edward, Eric, Hunter all put together something that would make the crowd laugh. Cody and Edward stuck to a clever stand-up routine, Hunter played a very obscure but hilarious version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and Eric asked for volunteers to eat some not so normal homemade peanut butter balls. Michael decided to play a game of minesweeper in front of the crowd and he worked that game so fast and didn’t hit a bomb for quite a while. Will, Alek, Remi, and Jordan decided to take a more musical route with their talents. Will jammed out on his guitar, with the help of the crowd, to “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones. Jordan did his best to turn the Chapel into a dance party and got everyone up out of their seats dancing. Alek decided to play a song on the piano that made every girl in that chapel swoon. Lastly, Remi decided sing the cup song from the chick flick “Pitch Perfect”, error free I might add.
Students were encouraged to buy $1 tickets throughout the night that could be used to vote for whichever candidate they felt deserving. Mr. Beacon ended up earning a huge $273 dollars towards missions. Ultimately it was Alek Angeli’s skillful fingers that won the crowd over and he was voted NCU’s Mr. Beacon.

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