Tuition Frozen Solid, but Unless You’re a Commuter You’ll Still Pay More

By Mark Hamilton

Recently President Womack announced a tuition freeze for the 2013-2014 academic year. That means that during a time when the cost of higher education has been rising steadily NCU will not raise the price of tuition by a single cent. Womack stated that “Over the past several years higher education in its many classifications has experienced an unprecedented rise in tuition costs” and “I continue to be concerned with the increasing burden placed on students and their families.”

However, sadly, it’s not all good news. While tuition will be remaining the same price the cost of room and board will increase by $100 a semester. This is to make up for increases in the price of maintaining the dorms and apartments, as well as to increase the amount of money available for students in the Beacon Beanery. On top of that the technology fee will increase by $25 a semester. Still, freezing tuitions will help a lot in keeping NCU affordable.

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  1. Edward Fryrear says:

    Well considering the distance I commute; my gas mileage, and the current price of gas, i’d say we’re in the same boat. Still one less thing to worry about, which is nice.

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