New Head Coach Brings High Hopes for Men’s Basketball

By Taylor Richardson

IMG_0519           It’s no news that Northwest Christian is a small school. But whenever a step is made in the direction of growing as a school, it is big news. Recently, our men’s basketball team received the news that they were going to benefit big time from the newest addition to NCU.  Two words…Luke Jackson. He will be our new head basketball coach, taking the place of Corey Anderson. Of course we are sad to see Corey step down, but he agreed that it was time for someone new to take hold of the team. “[I told Luke] I want you to have this position full time, take this position over. Allowing me to be an Athletic Director, allowing me to be a Dad, allowing me to be a husband,” explained Anderson at the press conference Wednesday.

IMG_0406  Luke walked into Chapel with Corey on Friday and you could almost hear all the girls swooning. Relax ladies, he is happily married and has the cutest son ever. His supportive family was at the press conference, along with a lot of local media, and his new team. Originally from Creswell, Luke has traveled all over playing extremely high level basketball just to find his way back home to a coaching position at NCU.  He played at U of O and then moved to play professional basketball on a handful of NBA teams and eventually to play in Israel in 2011.IMG_0416 The guys on the team are all very excited to see what insight and skill Luke will bring to the team. “I’m excited! Excited to learn about the game from someone who has had so much success with it,” said Junior Tyler Fox.

Luke will bring a lot more attention to possible NCU recruits, his name alone will bring attention to NCU basketball like never before.  “I’m looking for a reason to keep basketball in my life. I feel like my basketball journey, my background, and successes as a player are really going to help this team,” said Jackson.  “But you know, it’s really not about me here. It’s about the guys and me being able to help them get better. And I feel well suited to do just that.”


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