Beacon Bolt Basketball Insider: We may not win a lot of games, but we have a lot of fun…

By: Tysen Buhler

bb2During the season, you all see what happens on the court, but what you don’t get to see the is the what happens once we leave the gym. Picture this, it’s midnight in Redding, CA and 5 ball players are sneaking through a closed water park. Running down water slides and dodging cameras they are enjoying their free time living the college life outside of basketball. Then they head back to the hotel late and decide to skip sleeping, knowing they can catch up the next day on the bus ride home.

From rap battles on the back of the bus to bridge jumping during preseason bb1conditioning, it’s been a memorable experience being on the basketball team. Late night scooter rides coined “bombing the hill” gave a new type of adrenaline rush not found in any competition on the court. It’s been a tough season for men’s Beacon basketball, but through the hardships we have still had a lot of fun. Many nights have been spent at Burrito Boy or Pizza Hut hanging out as a group after practice. I have made some great memories with this team that I won’t soon forget and this season has brought some fun to my college experience. It’s not everyday that you get to say “hi” to Chip Kelly while jogging with your teammates around Autzen. Even though we have had our scraps and arguments (usually about professional sports) this is a group of guys that it has been nice to get to know. The seniors will be sorely missed but I look forward to next season with my team.bb3


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