The Psych Club Weekly Brainwave 2:Love Hurts (Literally)

In light of Valentine ’s Day, in this week’s Weekly Brainwave we’ll be talking a little about the psychology of love; or more like how love can hurt!

The Psychology

We often hear about people with “broken hearts”, as if breaking up with someone could cause your physical heart to break. Well psychologists working in the field of neuropsychology have found that there is a connection between physical pain in your body and emotional pain. The same areas of the brain light up when feeling emotional pain (like being excluded, teased, manipulated, etc.) that light up when feeling physical pain (like skinning your knee, or getting a paper cut). In fact an experiment showed that those areas still lit up as strong as ever even after years had passed when the subject thought about their memories of that emotional pain. Though it may seem silly to think that an emotional pain could actually change our physical body, we now know that it is the case thanks to psychology. For more information you can check out this cool article here.

The Club

So here’s what’s been going on with the club. We have a tentative candidate for Secretary/Treasurer of the club as well as a tentative Events Coordinator. We’re still looking for someone willing to be Vice President of the club, and if you think you might be interested please let us know. The Vice President’s job is to attend all club meetings, attend events that the President cannot attend, and assist the President as needed. If you feel that you could at least fill this role to some degree please contact Nani Skaggs or K’hala Carpenter ( and ).

This week’s meeting will be at Thursday at 4:14 PM in the nest, as usual, and member Jason Haggard will be talking about his experience attending at TEDx conference at the U of O this past Saturday. There will be snacks! Come and check it out!

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