Beacon Intramural Basketball Fun For All

By Taylor Richardson

intramurals basketball 2013 009Lately I have been going to watch the late intramural basketball games on Mondays and have been surprised at how everyone is so willing to get involved. All the athletes playing outside of their main sport, non-athletes showin’ everyone what they got, and friends cheering from the sidelines. Seeing some of my classmates competitive side come out has truly been a treat, also seeing athleticism come out from the most unexpected people has been a treat.

intramurals basketball 2013 012I personally go to watch my best friend Kayla Ping’s team play. I walked into the gym preparing to be bored out of my mind cheering for her, but that wasn’t the case at all. So many people were there watching and I was way into the game. I watched 5’8″ Aaron Chesnut cap 6′ 2″ Nathan Ruter, the crowd went wild. I saw Laynee Bevans swish a three on her first shot. Stevie Harrison had unbelievable speed on defense, she was stealing the ball from the boys. Also, we all got to see Remi White really play for the first time in from of NCU intramurals basketball 2013 021students because he is a medical red shirt on our team. (Redshirts don’t play in games, they only practice) Remi talked about how excited he was when he found out that he could play in the tournament.  “I like to take it seriously. It’s fun because I can finally go out and play instead of just sitting and watching,” explained White. “I played a lot my senior year and it crushed me for that to be taken away. The journey has been a blessing though, and I’m so happy I get to play again.”

So if you haven’t gone out to watch intramural yet, get out there and support your fellow students! It is a blast. Bring a snack and come watch the teams battle it out to find out who has the best skills on campus.

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