The Psych Club Weekly Brainwave: What is Psychology, and What’s Up with the Club?

By K’hala Carpenter


Psychology club is going to start up this week by introducing the Psych Club Weekly Brainwave. Every week we will post here on the Beacon Bolt with interesting psychology knowledge and news about the club.

The Psychology Knowledge:

Since we’re making a whole club about it, we might as well define what psychology is! Psychology has always been a broad spectrum of study. It includes neuropsychology, biopsychology, social psychology, personality psychology, etc. You can essentially find a psychological application to any field of work. In essence psychologists try to understand the human; the human as an individual, the human as a personality, and the human in a community. Psychologists try to understand who a person is, and what makes a person think and behave the way that they do. It’s not as cold as many other scientific fields because we try to have and understand the emotional spectrum within our subjects and in our studies. People are not as easy to study as molecules are, or asteroids, but because of psychologists in the past we have a greater understand of people today.

In next week’s Psychology Knowledge we will be talking about the psychology of love, just in time for Valentine’s Day!


The Psychology Club:

Psychology club will have its first weekly meeting this Thursday at 4:14 PM in the nest. There will be food at each weekly meeting; this week we’re going to have pizza! We will be talking about whether the time and place of the meeting should change, we’ll be electing a Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and an Events Coordinator (all positions that would look pretty sweet on a resume), and we’ll discuss the events we have planned for the rest of the semester. We’ll have a great time getting to know each other and enjoying the pizza, so bring your friends! Remember that you don’t have to be a Psychology major or minor to come; you don’t have to have any official connection to Psychology at all! If you’re a person who’s interested in people then you should come to the Psychology Club!

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