Club Fair Has a Club for Everyone

By: Taylor Richardson


Beacons, new clubs have been approved and now is the time to get involved. This years club fair is Friday, February 1st in the rug room. Here are some of the new clubs added or existing clubs that are doing something new. Go check them out Friday after chapel!

FCA- Janel Fetters and Tyler Fox meet once a week on Wednesdays at 8pm in the nest. There is always treats. This term they are working with Homeless Outreach and handing out care bags. Things like a scarf, socks, gloves, gum, and more will be inside these bags.

Weightlifting Club – Tyler Fox hopes to get people together to meet once a week or once every couple weeks. This club will hopefully provide some new equipment for the weight room like a new bar and/or medicine balls. Tyler hopes to help people come up with athletic programming and possibly host clinics. He welcomes all students to get involved, even if it is their first time in a weight room.

4BG (Believers Building Bonds through Board Games) – This tongue twisting club does exactly what it sounds like. Michael White and others are getting together at the end of every week relieving stress and having a good time playing board games. Refreshments and pizza are hoped to be at each night. These nights will be hosted in the NCU apartments and you can bring any game you like.

Psychology Club – Meets Thursdays 4:14pm starting February 7th in the nest. There will be food at every meeting. Psychology club will have speakers, activities, and all things psychology. K’hala Carpenter is president of the club and she is looking for not only participants, but a Vice President, secretary/treasurer, and event coordinator.

Culture Club – This club started Andre Lightsey-Walker is all about promoting diversity and learning about different culture. There will be two events a month, one that costs money and one that is free. First up, the club is going to an Asian celebration that costs 6 dollars a person. For the free night the club plans to get together for a foreign film movie night.

Comedy Club – Edward Fryrear has decided to start Beacon Comedy Entertainment-Comedy Club. It’s open for everybody to join. The club is hoping to buy props and refreshments for shows that they put on. The goal is for people to come to meetings and get to know their funny side. They are open to improv, skits, stand up, anything comedy. Ultimately, Edward wants to put on charity shows and accept donations to give to their charity of choice.

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