NCU’s Very Own Heidi Gori Becomes a Published Author

By Heidi Gori

Soccer-Book-WriterI’ve always enjoyed writing. When I was a little kid I would write lots of short stories about things I liked, and as I got older I began to try and take the ideas I had and put them into a longer novel form. Unfortunately I was never motivated enough to do more than exhaust my idea into a few chapters. Last year, around April of 2012, I was struck with another bit of random inspiration that I thought might make an interesting story. The only difference was that this time I managed to carry the idea throughout the duration of an entire book. I wrote my book, A Touch of Lightning, fairly quickly; after spring semester let out the writing went by fast. I enjoyed the sunny, summer afternoons when I had nothing better to do than sit outside and write. Writing the book was the easy part, I discovered. Editing took at least a month or two longer than the actual writing. Two of my best friends helped me with the editing, but it was still extremely time consuming. By the time I was working on editing I had already decided that I was interested in self-publishing. I was, and still am, interested in sending the manuscript to an actual publisher, but being a first time author I wanted to see if I could stir up any kind of interest in the story before querying any publishers. So I chose to self-publish through; the site has a great, free publishing program that allows you to publish in both eBook and paperback. So once the book was edited and ready to go I had to send it in to be copyrighted and then buy my ISBN numbers. I sent the manuscript in to Amazon on December 13, 2012 and within a few days it was up for sale. I’m really excited to see if I can take this anywhere and even if I don’t I really enjoyed writing the story. Right now I’m working on the sequel to this book, and plan to start a new series after that one. Here is the synopsis for A Touch of Lightning, and if anyone is interested in purchasing it or just checking it out it is available on

I guess you could consider me pretty different from everyone else in my village. I don’t really adhere to the standards set for the women here, and at eighteen I suppose they would expect me to behave like I should. But after losing my mother many years ago and of course the event that left a scar running down my back and would subsequently change my life forever, I never really worried too much about what everyone else thinks. Little did I know that a stranger would be showing up at my door, bearing a scar like mine, and sweep me off onto a journey I could never have dreamed. I’ll have to trust him, after all our fates are intertwined, and if I hope to have any chance of surviving long enough to discover the secrets of my destiny and save everyone I care about. It seems foolish, but I have to go with him; I have to know.

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