NCU Cross Country National Team 2012 Reflections

By Emily Mclean

“It’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.” –Coach Dan Jackson


Being an attribute to a team that has been to Nationals and performed very well both times has been an unforgettable experience. Coming into our 2012 season we were ranked 7th in the NAIA Poll. This put a lot of stress on everyone since we lost our two best girls, who were seniors. We knew we were a special team because we all run for the glory of God and we all are such great friends. So we tried not to worry too much about the ratings. Despite not getting any new runners, we didn’t experience too many down falls.

As a sophomore and a returning runner from Nationals I was able to be optimistic about the whole ordeal and overcome the anxieties of the big race and comfort my teammates. After getting third place at our Conference meet because of our team not performing to our best potential, we had four individual qualifiers and the team got the last bid into nationals. We were all very happy and fortunate that we had a chance to redeem ourselves. We were prepared to run our best and I can say that we all were very happy with our individual performances. We got 14th place, one place higher than what we were ranked going into this big race. Two of us were very close to being All Americans.

Nationals taught us to keep striving to be better and to accomplish bigger goals next year. For me, that includes becoming an All American for the first time. We will be adding new runners to our roster as well, giving us all a hope for an even more incredible season as a team next year. I am so glad that I am a part of NCU’s national team, as we will continue to get better and better as runners, as students, and as Christians.

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